International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT)

The International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT) brings together the leading international automotive recycler associations, industry officials, guest speakers and local auto recyclers to discuss the global auto recycling industry.

Previous IRT’s in Brussels, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Coffs Harbour, Quebec City, Liverpool, Phoenix, Kushiro, Malacca City, Niagara Falls, and Norwich have been a catalyst for the global recyclers to share information about emerging technical and regulatory trends, business opportunities, and to showcase local and industry best practices.

Each IRT is unique to the local association hosting it and previous IRTs can be reviewed here.

Held approximately every 16-18 months, and hosted by one of the founding associations, the IRT brings the peak national associations together to discuss the ever-changing world of auto recycling.

The next IRT was planned for the Hiroshima City, Japan from October 21 to 23, 2020 – this has been postponed to 2022. Check back for details.

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International Roundtable on Auto Recycling